Happy Christmas

December 18, 2018

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21 year old UPS that has never failed!

December 6, 2018

Had a trip down memory lane recently. Cetronic installed this parallel redundant UPS system with plante batteries back in 1997. Although the system is about to be replaced it’s never failed in 21 years!LinkedIn Reliable UPS0001LinkedIn Reliable UPS0002

Nov 18 – Active Harmonic Conditioner

November 27, 2018

160A Active Harmonic Conditioner being tested and made ready for shipment. This one is for a hotel in London that is drawing high current harmonics to two variable speed drives (VSD’s)

80A Modular Active Harmonic Conditioner Filter - 2

A Beginners’ Guide to Uninterruptible Power Supplies

April 19, 2017

When buying an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, sometimes it can be difficult to know which system be the right one for you. Some UPS systems are more suitable for smaller applications such as home offices, whilst others can provide enough power for entire data centres.

Here at Cetronic, we supply a wide variety of UPS systems able to provide power from 400VA to 6,400KVA, so we know how problematic it can be to decide.

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AC/DC Power Systems

March 23, 2017

With over 50 years of experience here at Cetronic Power Solutions, we aim to provide you with access to a variety of equipment that ensures uninterrupted access to power in your workplace and continuity of your business. One variety of equipment that we offer you to ensure this is our range of AC/DC secure power systems.

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UPS Systems For Security CCTV Equipment

January 9, 2017

Cetronic work closely with security and video management companies providing UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to provide a clean and stable electrical supply to  CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems. We supply a fast, efficient service, usually providing a next day delivery service for smaller UPS systems. Our most popular small UPS for CCTV applications is the Premier Vision Dual.

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Product Of The Month: Thermostats

May 6, 2015

thermostats-2Cetronic offer a complete line of  COMEPA “THERMOPA” bimetallic thermostats covering the needs of the industrial, military and aerospace markets.

COMEPA manufactures and markets a complete line of standards thermostats as well as specific “customised” products.
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Product Of The Month: Static Transfer Switches

April 6, 2015

Master Switch STS 32-63-120A CetronicStatic transfer switches provide ultra-fast switching between two synchronised input power sources, offering virtually uninterrupted power to your electronic equipment. A static transfer switch allows maintenance of power sources without the need to shut down critical equipment.
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Product of the month: Premier Vision Dual

March 6, 2015

Premier Vision DualThe Premier Vision Dual is currently one of our most popular models of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS systems). The Premier Vision Dual is a line-interactive system, with sizes ranging from 1100VA to 3000VA, and is 19″ rack mountable or can be used as a standalone tower unit.
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Product Of The Month: Power Monitoring

February 6, 2015


Power Monitoring Surveys

Power problems? Are you concerned you may have an irregularity with your electrical supply causing machine or equipment malfunctions?

High electricity bills or looking to install some new equipment on your electricity supply? Would you like to know how much power you are consuming or how much spare capacity you have?

Are your cables warm or hot to touch? Burnt out neutrals? This may be due to high harmonic current, leading to unfavourable distortion to the voltage waveshape.

Cetronic can offer you a service to monitor the graphical power consumption (load profile), harmonic and disturbance analysis.
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