UPS System Healthchecks and Maintenance

October 17, 2014

IMAG0318_burnedWhy should I get a UPS Healthcheck?

If you want to get the most out of your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS System), we recommend that you regularly get your UPS System checked to prolong the life of the UPS System, and that you are proactive in making sure your UPS will work as expected, if and when it is needed.
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Maintenance engineers want Modular UPS systems

September 28, 2014

Premium Mod HPDuring a recent site visit to provide a planned preventative maintenance (PPM), one of our engineers was drawn into a discussion about the customers existing UPS system and what features the on-site maintenance engineers would like to see in the future. They said they would like to convert to a modular UPS system, so that it is easily maintainable by themselves, and that if there ever was a problem with the UPS system, this could most probably be solved by the on-call engineer; simply swapping a faulty power module with a replacement from the on-site spares kit.
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3 reasons YOU should choose Cetronic

September 18, 2014

cetronic logo 1

1. Knowledge and Experience - Cetronic are a long established company, with nearly 50 years industry experience. Over this time we have obtained an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the variety of power quality solutions and their pros and cons; giving us the ability to share unbiased advice and provide assistance in selecting the appropriate solution for you.
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Go directly to Cetronic; get out of jail free

August 26, 2014

Premium Power thumbWe supplied, installed and commissioned a Premium Power 10kVA UPS system complete with integral batteries, an SNMP/Network card and an alarm relay plug-in card (382) at an HM Prison and Young Offenders Institute AND they let our engineers out on completion! PHEW, good job they provided a professional installation. It would be criminal not to allow Cetronic the opportunity to quote for your next power protection system.

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Fast treatment works

August 17, 2014


One Thursday morning a customer was in urgent need of a 10KVA and 30KVA  uninterruptible power supply (UPS System). The urgency was due to another UPS supplier failing to meet the required delivery deadline, so the contractor telephoned Cetronic for help.

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Factory Acceptance Tests

July 10, 2014

Premium Mod HP

Over the past few years, we have been performing Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT’s) for a multi-site, multinational electricity and gas utility company, the most recent being just last month.

These tests take place at our works prior to installation of the equipment onsite. The FAT ensures that the equipment meets the specification set by the manufacturer and customer. Serial numbers, labelling and test results are logged, certificates of conformity are provided and form part of the installation documentation.
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Another Cetronic Power Solutions success story.

May 21, 2014

project picture

Question: Who does one of the worlds largest Building Maintenance Services companies turn to when it wants to protect the power at one of its UK Client Call Centres?

Answer: Cetronic Power Solutions

Cetronic have recently supplied, installed and commissioned a combined UPS and generator solution to maintain power at this busy 24/7 operational call centre.
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Touchstone Ltd

September 10, 2012

We supplied one of Touchstone Group’s regional offices, who are a software and services company.

We provide integrated business software and consultancy services to mid-market and enterprise organisations.

For this installation in their new computer room we provided:

  • Two 30kVA AMM (Multi-Module) UPS
  • UPS’s 1 and 2 to supply “A” and “B” supplies to computer racks via 32A single phase commando sockets.
  • Each with 10 minutes autonomy at full load. Batteries integral to UPS..
  • All electrical installation and distribution.


SmartestEnergy Ltd

June 23, 2012

Based in London, SmartestEnergy is one of the UK’s leading purchasers and suppliers of “Green Energy”.

We supplied their new computer room with:

  • Single 60kVA AMM (Multi-Module) UPS
  • 10 year design life sealed lead acid batteries used to provide 40 minutes autonomy with a 25KVA load, in an additional matching battery enclosure.


Signet Group PLC

February 15, 2012

Signet is the world’s largest speciality retail jeweller by sales, with stores in the US, UK, Republic of Ireland and Channel Islands. It owns both H. Samual and Earnest Jones.

This installation in Borehamwood was to replace an existing UPS in comm’s room. We supplied:

  • Single 20kVA AMM (Multi-Module) UPS
  • No generator on site therefore a long battery back-up was required. However, the space available for the new UPS and batteries was extremely small
  • 12 year design life front access sealed lead acid batteries used to provide 6 hours autonomy at full load. The batteries were housed in a cladded battery stand with a footprint of only 1150x750mm.

Although the battery enclosure weight was 2,650Kgs leg extensions were fitted to the stand

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