Multi Plus UPS offers More Output Power And Zero Harmonic Impact on the Supply

The Cetronic Multi Plus UPS with 0.9 output power factor offers the customer maximum energy saving, flexibility and electrical performance. The power range now spans 10KVA to 120KVA but can be scaled using a decentralised parallel architecture for larger installations.

The advanced design of the Multi Plus UPS makes it easy to install – especially on sites that have limited power capacity, generators or problems with harmonics. It has zero-impact on its upstream power supply with input current harmonics of ≤3% and a 0.99 power factor, they also acts as filter and phase-shift protection device.

Within a data centre environment, energy management is critical. Running costs need to be minimized and environmental concerns addressed, while still offering optimum resilience and power protection. Ideal for the protection of critical information and telecommunication networks, the Multi Plus is designed to meet the specific energy demands of this high-pressure environment. By installing more efficient UPS systems such as the Cetronic Multi Plus range, the juggling act between resilience, efficiency and total cost of ownership suddenly becomes a lot easier.

The Multi Plus UPS operate with an industry-leading on-line efficiency of up to 96.5%. This can provide up to a 50% saving in energy usage per annum compared to traditional UPS.

Independently tested, and rated as a Level 6 product on Cetronic’s Eco Energy Level Scale, the Multi Plus range achieves exceptional performance with a surprisingly small footprint – freeing up valuable floor-space. Multi Plus also has a range of advanced battery optimisation features; extending the average working life of a battery set and reducing lifetime management costs.

Multi Plus also has a sophisticated range of communications options, including a front graphic display panel providing real-time measurements, operating status, and alarm conditions in five different languages. The UPS has a variety of options for remote monitoring, extended runtime applications, temperature monitoring, electrical isolation and power distribution.

Thanks to a variety of configurations, available accessories and covered by Cetronic’s popular service options, the Multi Plus range is also one of the most flexible UPS available today. Suitable for a wide variety of applications, the Multi Plus is one of the best UPS for the protection of high-density loads (such as blade servers) within data centre environments. Up to six modules can be operated in parallel and various operating modes allow users to alter operations to best meet the needs of their loads (and their business).

The Multi Plus range from Cetronic is available in a range of power rating from 10KVA to 120KVA all utilising double conversion on-line technology.