Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT) 250VA to 45KVA

Constant voltage transformers (CVT’s) use the ferro-resonant principle to provide a stable output voltage free from impulses, spikes and harmonics. They have an extremely rugged and robust design and are particularly suited to harsh environments. Requiring little or no maintenance the CVT is an ideal solution for the protection of voltage sensitive equipment in industrial applications.

The CVT provides a stable output voltage with an instantaneous correction to input voltage fluctuations. This power conditioner provides a sinusoidal output waveshape even when the input waveform is very distorted and will stop load current harmonics being reflected onto the mains supply.

Galvanic isolation together with the rugged and robust design make the ferro-resonant transformer an ideal solution for industrial applications.

110/230/400V  50Hz and 60Hz models are available from stock

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