Silent Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator sets to provide Standby and Prime Power.

Diesel powered generator sets are still the primary choice for standby and emergency power systems. Whereas a UPS provides continuous no-break power to the critical load or data centre for a period of time specified by the capacity of the associated batteries. A generator when installed with an auto-start/change-over panel can sense a power failure, start the generator and power the load within 10-20 seconds. The generator will then run for as long as it has fuel. They offer rugged dependability and reliable mechanical and electrical performance.

A diesel generator is perfect for applications where long run times are required in the event of a power outage. Being able to supply input power to a UPS system and power the air conditioning to keep equipment cool.

Diesel generators can be enclosed in weatherproof canopies to reduce engine noise to an acceptable level.

  • Sets from 6kVA – 1000kVA.
  • Enclosed / open skid mounted Generators.
  • Acoustic silenced / super silenced.
  • Noise levels from 63dB(A) @ 7 Metres – 58dB(A) @ 7 metres.
  • Keystart, remote start or automatically controlled start (with our automatic on mains fail panels).

gen1                    gen2

Optional lift-off doors available when space is limited.            Automatic start control panel.

generator           generator panel