Rotary and Linear

Potentiometers and Position Sensors

MCB Industrie position sensors combine:

  • High resolution and linearity
  • Extended life time
  • Resistance to severe environment (corrosive agents, sealing)
  • Mechanical resistance (shock, vibration)

They are designed for the most rigorous applications, and can be customized to your needs.

MCB Industrie is independent and serves the international market.

Founded in 1929, MCB Industrie provides electromechanical components and supports high-demanding applications, from product definition to customised solutions.

Quality and reliability have made MCB Industrie a reference supplier to the aerospace, railway, automotive, industrial vehicles and to the industry.

Angular Position Sensors – Potentiometers

Rotational Precision potentiometers employing conductive plastic technology are particularly suited for accurate measurement in demanding environments.


Linear Position Sensors

Rectilinear potentiometers employing conductive plastic technology, combine high accuracy and extended life. The “Recti” range is available in various length and ohmic values.


MCB Industrie has amassed decades of experience to a permanent research program aimed at innovation. Our engineers are highly specialised and dedicated to their product line. In-house CAD stations and simulation programs, testing laboratories (mechanical shock and vibration, corrosive agents, temperature variation, electrical testing) provide additional support to designing and qualifying the right products for our customers.

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