Static Transfer Switches

Maintaining electrical power to your mission critical applications is paramount to keeping your IT systems running. Although uninterruptible power supplies are an important part of your electrical infrastructure, what would happen if the UPS output failed! The ability to switch seamlessly from one power source to another is required to keep your systems running smoothly.

Static transfer switches provide ultra-fast switching between two synchronised input power sources, offering virtually uninterrupted power to your electronic equipment. A static transfer switch allows maintenance of power sources without the need to shut down critical equipment.

These static transfer switches can be set to use source A or B as the primary supply for the critical load, on failure of the selected source the load will be transferred automatically to the alternative source. When the primary source returns, the load will be seamlessly re-transferred to the primary supply.

Single and three phase systems with 3 or 4 pole switching are available with power ratings from 16A to 800A, having manual bypass mechanisms and an LCD screen providing status, metering and alarm information.


Single Phase Static Transfer Switches

Multi Switch ATS 16A Cetronic

Multi Switch ATS 16A

The Multi Switch ATS provides output power via 8 x 10A and 1 x 16A IEC socket. The power is derived from one of two input power sources. If the primary power source fails, the Multi Switch ATS will automatically transfer the load to the second power source.


Multi Switch 16A Cetronic

Multi Switch 16A

The Multi-Switch provides electrical distribution and remote management for up to eight output power sockets. Multi-Switch can connect each socket (load not greater than 3A each) to either of the two power sources (A or B). Load demand is shown on the LCD.


Master Switch STS 32-63-120A Cetronic

Master Switch STS 32A – 120A

The Master Switch STS ensures transfer time between the two single phase power sources is less that a quarter of a cycle in the event of a failure of the primary power source. All models are equipped with a manual bypass and a hot swap function.



Three Phase Static Transfer Switches

Master Switch STS 100-600A Cetronic1

Master Switch STS 100A – 600A

The Master Switch STS is a 3 phase (3 or 4 pole) static transfer switch commonly used within power continuity applications to improve and enhance resilience. The system can be used in conjunction with UPS groups or as separate standalone devices.