Battery Backed Power Supply

A variety of AC, DC and battery systems are built in our facility. System integration using standard products is by far the most cost effective solution.

We pride ourselves on supplying products, services and support; all designed to give our customers the optimum solution for business continuity, power protection and uninterrupted power.

Some examples of tailored solutions are as follows:

110Vdc UPS System

Dual AC input (with automatic transfer) 110Vdc UPS system. Parallel connected 110Vdc power supply modules with individual isolation, complete with batteries housed in a separate enclosure. Remote signalling for EPO

54Vdc & 108Vdc Power Supply

Three interchangeable 54Vdc 30A power supplies modules. One module to provide the 54Vdc output and two modules connected in series to provide the 108VDC.

Combined AC & DC UPS

Combined 230Vac and 24Vdc uninterruptible power supply (UPS) complete with integral batteries to provide 8 hours autonomy.

This system also had an external manual bypass facility (for both the AC & DC) to totally bypass the UPS enclosure, without a break in supply.