Electrical power transformers and wound components such as: AC/DC Reactors and Chokes that meet customer specifications or requirements whilst conforming to British and/or international standards.

The Cetronic range includes single and 3 phase air-cooled, dry type and oil cooled transformers up to 1250KVA. The transformers can be supplied open (without enclosure) or enclosed in various housings to meet the IP rating required.

Control Panel Transformer

Power Transformer1

Single phase control panel transformers are available from stock whilst other transformers or reactors are usually delivered in 1 – 2 weeks of order dependant on size and quantity.

All units can be fitted with a wide choice of accessories including input and output plugs/sockets and output protection devices

Power transformer types include:

  • Control Panel Transformers
  • Auto-wound
  • Double Wound Isolation
  • Phase Shifting

Not sure which you need: Call 01920 871077 to discuss the application.

Information we need from you:

  • Input voltage, number of phases and frequency
  • Output voltage, number of phases and frequency
  • Open transformer or enclosed and any particular IP ratings
  • Any physical size, duty cycle or temperature considerations
  • Accessories required – plugs, sockets, RCD