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22 September 2021
3rd Generation 20KVA UPS

New 3rd generation 20KVA Sentryum UPS installed with an additional battery cabinet and an external manual bypass switch. #ups #upssystems #bypassswitch

9 September 2021
Useful Bypass Switch

Out with the old defective UPS and in with the new. All seamless from a power point of view because of the bypass switch above. #power #UPSSystems #Bypassswitch

8 July 2021
Power disturbance & harmonic survey

Power disturbance and harmonic survey on this switchboard revealed high 5th harmonic currents due to the load consisting of variable speed drives (VSD)

22 June 2021
Power Monitoring

Power monitoring on this older switchboard to provide power consumption information. #power #powermonitoring #energy

9 June 2021
Generator capabilities

Cetronic Power Solutions has acquired a specialist generator company to expand our ability to support our customers. Generators provide extra power support over a standard UPS system. Generators can be used for a range of applications including: Continuous Power: Standby Power: Prime Power: Contact us now about your Generator requirements or to arrange a free […]

26 May 2021
UPS Replacement

Sentryum UPS installed to replace a much older model

8 March 2021
Riello UPS Service Partner

Once again Cetronic Power Solutions are appointed a Riello UPS Service Partner.

10 February 2021
Replacement batteries for an APC UPS

Replacing the batteries on this APC Smart-UPS gives the system a new lease of life.

16 December 2020
Seasons Greetings.

Very best wishes from Cetronic Power Solutions.

2 December 2020
New UPS Installation

Installed a new 30KVA Multi Sentry UPS system with an external manual bypass switch. This single system replaced 3 x parallel 120KVA UPS systems as the customers load requirements had reduced dramatically.

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