Silent Diesel Generators

Cetronic Power are leading suppliers of high-quality silent diesel generators, engineered for longevity and a wide range of power applications.

Our Diesel generator sets provide standby and prime power – making them the first choice for reserve and emergency power systems. Whereas UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) rely on batteries/flywheel or super capacitors to supply a limited back-up time, Diesel generators provide power to the critical load or data centre for as long as the generator has fuel.

Diesel generators ensure you’re never without power. Capable of starting and switching over automatically to keep your home, office or workshop running. A diesel-powered generator can turn on when there is a loss of power and off when the main power source returns, the transfer time between mains and generator can be filled by a UPS.

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Silent diesel generators and power failure

A diesel generator is ideal for applications where long run times are needed – and in the event of a power cut. It supplies input power for UPS systems and ensures air conditioning is powered to keep equipment cool.

Diesel generators can be installed with an auto-start/change over panel that senses a power failure powering the UPS and/or load within about 20 – 30 seconds.

Benefits of quiet diesel generators

Wherever situated, the diesel generator can be fitted with an acoustic canopy to reduce noise for neighbouring businesses, residents or patients. Enclosed in a weatherproof canopy, engine noise is reduced to an acceptable level – between 63db and 58db at 7 metres.

Other benefits include:

  • optional lift-off doors for environments where space is limited
  • keystart, remote start or automatic start control panel for convenience
  • powerful operation
  • reliable mechanical and electrical performance
  • fuel efficiency – diesel produces more electricity per litre
  • easy to maintain (reducing maintenance costs)
  • long lasting design

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Here at Cetronic Power, we have supplied silent diesel generators for more than 50 years, matching standby, backup, industrial, commercial and residential requirements.

For more information about diesel generators, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team of experts, here at Cetronic Power by calling us on 01920 871 077 or emailing today.

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Optional lift-off doors available when space is limited.            Automatic start control panel.

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