Industrial Precision Thermostats

COMEPA offer a complete line of “THERMOPA” bimetallic thermostats covering the needs of the industrial, military and aerospace markets.

COMEPA manufactures and markets a complete line of standards thermostats as well as specific "customised" products.

A diversity of connections and a choice of fixings are available. Thermostats with switching capacities between 1A to 16A and operating temperatures of between -50°C to 260°C.

A hermetically sealed model is also available.

Partner in the European electronics industry since 1965, COMEPA qualified a bi-metallic disk thermostat in 1974. In 1984, the company was selected by the CNES (National Space Studies Centre) to develop and industrialise a sealed thermostat for use in satellites. COMEPA then became the only European manufacturer compliant with ESA (European Space Agency) specifications.

For more details and products visit the Comepa website here

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4A Thermostats

Developed for industrial, military and aeronautic applications, this product benefits from the experience gained within the aerospace industry. It is designed primarily for use in very harsh environments.

Type 45 & 46 – Automatic Reset


10A Thermostat

Cut-off capacity (10 A under 250 V) enables the direct protection of assemblies without the need for a relay to cut power.

Type 25 & 75 – Automatic Reset


2A Thermostat

Cut-off capacity (2 A under 250 V) combined with its small size enables the thermal regulation or protection of various systems.

Type 15 & 65 – Automatic Reset

Type 17 & 67 – Manual Reset


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