Voltage Stabilisers

Cetronic Power supply a wide range of voltage stabilisers and constant voltage transformers to ensure voltage is stabilised at an optimum level.

What are Voltage Stabilisers?

Voltage stabilisers are electrical systems installed between the raw mains and the protected load, designed to deliver a constant voltage to the load at its output terminals when the input voltage fluctuates. They provide a stable output voltage and also protect equipment against spike and surges.

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Why are they needed?

We supply voltage stabilisers to regulate fluctuating input voltage before it’s fed to the load which may be sensitive to voltage variations.

Fluctuations – commonly caused by lightning, electrical supply faults and heavy loads starting create disturbances on the electrical supply. Our voltage stabilisers maintain the optimum voltage, ensuring these fluctuations don’t affect the load or appliance.

How do they work?

The main principle of voltage stabilisers is to perform buck and boost operations – correcting over and under voltage conditions. They can be carried out manually (using switches) or automatically (using an electric circuit).

Voltage stabilisers add or subtract the voltage to and from the mains supply.

What about constant voltage transformers?

For lower power applications a constant voltage transformer (CVT) is generally preferred over the conventional servo controlled stabilisers as they provide instantaneous power protection.

Constant voltage transformers are renowned for controlled output voltage and unparalleled reliability. They use the ferro-resonant principle and are best suited to harsh industrial environments.

Why is a constant voltage transformer needed?

There are many different technologies offering protection against power surges and sags in the mains supply, one of these being the constant voltage transformer. The CVT uses circuit resonance to maintain a constant output voltage.

In the short term 20-30mS, the CVT fills in momentary breaks in the mains supply to provide a temporary, uninterruptable power supply.

How does the constant voltage transformer work?

The way the CVT works is simple. The robust design of the double wound transformer combined with ‘galvanic isolation’ ensure there is no direct connection between the mains supply and the load (input/output).

The CVT acts as a barrier to spikes, impulses, harmonics and high-frequency noise. It transforms voltage from one level to another but can also be used in reverse to prevent a ‘noisy load’ polluting the mains.

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Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT) 250VA to 45KVA

Constant voltage transformers (CVT’s) use the ferro-resonant principle to provide a stable output voltage free from impulses, spikes and harmonics. They have an extremely rugged and robust design and are particularly suited to harsh environments. Requiring little or no maintenance the CVT is an ideal solution for the protection of voltage sensitive equipment in industrial applications.

The CVT provides a stable output voltage with an instantaneous correction to input voltage fluctuations. This power conditioner provides a sinusoidal output waveshape even when the input waveform is very distorted and will stop load current harmonics being reflected onto the mains supply.

Galvanic isolation together with the rugged and robust design make the ferro-resonant transformer an ideal solution for industrial applications.

110/230/400V  50Hz and 60Hz models are available from stock

Datasheet                   Technical Information

Servo-Controlled AC Stabilisers 1KVA to 5,000KVA

  • Single and Three Phase Models
  • Negligible Waveform Distortion
  • Output Voltage Accuracy to ±0.5%
  • Input Voltage Range up to ± 40%
  • Efficiency >98%
  • Spike Suppression as Standard (MOV)
  • Soft Start/Transient Suppression/Metering and many other options available